Best Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems – Buying Guide

Water is a must-have and important aspect of our lives. The highest proportion in our bodies is water. It is a human right to have an access to the clean water. This can be used in our duties as well as for consumption. It should be your aim to provide clean drinking water for your family. A good reverse osmosis system should be the first investment. This guarantees you to have access to clean, clear and great tasting drinking water all the times. However, you need to understand all the factors that they should consider when buying a reverse osmosis system.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Reverse Osmosis System

The following are some of the important aspects that you need to understand to consider when purchasing the reverse osmosis system. Whenever you follow the following tips you will be able to settle for the right system and avoid making the wrong buying decisions.


Brand, manufacturer and the certification

Thinking of your drinking water, you cannot afford to risk your health and fitness. This means you should buy the reverse osmosis system from the companies that have been fully certified. The recognized brands are very effective as they filter out 99.9 percent of the water impurities. You should also pay attention to the Food and Drug Administration and other related certifications. This is because the water processed by such systems is a hundred percent safe and the systems are of high quality. The certifications will also be a guarantee that the machine operates at low noise levels and you will require very little for maintenance.

The filtration process

When using a great reverse osmosis system, you do not have to pass the water through a lot of stages before it is ready for consumption. An effective system requires you to pass the water through five stages. The first stage removes the chemical, odor, and tastes and the other stages remove the residue taste. The high-quality reverse osmosis systems have the additional processing stages which may add minerals to the water.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

The installation of the system and the replacement of filters

You need to understand that it may not be in possible for you to install some elements in the system. An excellent reverse osmosis system should have units that are easy to install and make the adjustment without complications. You should also seek to buy a reverse osmosis system that will have long-lasting filters since the cost of replacing the filters is quite important.

For those with a large household, a system with bigger membranes will be of great help as you will be able to fill up the water tanks.

Get a system that will help you save water

The high-quality reverse osmosis system should not only give you a consistent flow of clean water but also prevents water from being wasted. This is because the systems will automatically shut down when the tanks are completely full. This helps you to save money and water.


There are a lot of benefits that come with the reverse osmosis system. They may revolve along health and fitness, finances and social benefits. Some of those benefits may include;

  • Reverse osmosis system removes the 99.9 of all the water impurities. This ensures that you have enough clean and clear water for consumption.
  • When you have the system, you save a lot of time and energy as you do not have to boil the water for consumption.
  • The system is ideal for the use of the low sodium diets, coffee, fresh juice and other related drinks. This ensures overall health. The system is also ideal for the marine plants and fish.
  • You are able to realize the soft skin and hair due to the system. This is so with the advanced reversed osmosis systems as they add minerals to the drinking water and ensure that the water is free from impurities.
  • The water for the system is enriched with oxygen. This also frees all the other chemical components that may have been present in water.
  • The food quality is highly improved whenever you use this water. This means you cannot get the diseases due to the contaminated foods.
  • The high-quality reverse osmosis system requires very little maintenance and power.
  • The diagrams and manuals that come with the reverse osmosis system make the installation process easy. Some come with the extra filters and other spare parts that you do not have to buy when replacing.
  • The systems come in different varieties which meet the client’s needs depending on the size of the household. This is because the strength of the system may vary.
  • The system has the semi-permeable membrane whose pores restrict the organic compounds, the disease-causing bacteria and therefore producing mineral free water which is freed from all infections.


There is no perfect system. No matter how helpful the system maybe, there are still some challenges that may come with it. Whenever such issues are addressed then the clients will not have a hinge when using the system. However, there are some errors which are acceptable in any system. This may include;

  • The semi-permeable membrane can only prevent the large molecules but the dangerous chemicals like the pesticides are molecularly smaller than water which means they can penetrate. This means there must be an additional stage for the water to be safe for consumption.
  • The system may remove some important minerals. This makes the water unfit for human consumption. The depleted minerals may be of great importance to the body.
  • The reverse osmosis system may also be a very slow system compared to the other water treatment systems.
  • It is not easy to install the system and the filters. This may require some special attention and may have some added expenditures.

Having looked at all the factors, advantages and disadvantages, it is clear that you should not hesitate to have this system. The system comes at an affordable cost where the total ownership is determined by the number of the membranes and pre-filter replacements.